You do not need to know service design to jam—however, if you want some pre–jam reading here’s a (never complete) list of ressources that might help before, during and after the Jam… sinun ei tarvitse tuntea palvelumuotoilua jammaillaksesi – kuitenkin jos haluat etukäteistietoa tässä (ei koskaan täydellinen) lista taustatiedoista jotka mahdollisesti auttavat sinua jameja ennen, aikana ja jälkeen:

  • This is Service Design Thinking: already a Service Design classic—Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider’s book This is Service Design Thinking is the introduction to the field of service design. The site also offers a free download of the Customer Journey Canvas—highly recommended.
  • Designing Better Service Experiences: Continuum and the AIGA convened a group of top business leaders and innovators from a variety of backgrounds and industries, including Disney, Facebook and Zipcar, to discuss how designing a service experience with purpose can transform a company’s image and make people’s lives better. How is designing a service different than designing a website or a consumer environment?
  • Business Model Generation: Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas proves to be a valuable tool to quickly check whether or not the service idea actually has some business potential. Lots of jammers used the canvas in their projects.
  • Overview of Service Design Methods and Tools: Roberta Tassi’s excellent overview of the various methods and tools with a glossary of service design terms can be found at